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Behandla fotsvamp – slipp nagelsvamp

Did you know that nail fungus usually originates from skin fungus?

There are many who do not even know that they have skin fungus because it behaves in different ways. The most common is that there is a crack between the little toe and the next toe at the bottom towards the skin fold.

It usually stings properly sometimes with itching. Here you can prevent by keeping dry, dry thoroughly after showering and bathing, preferably with paper, it is even wise to wrap toilet paper between the toes for a long time to get air and dry to the skin completely between the toes. Feel free to lubricate the feet with Fot & Handsalva Special to get a whole and elastic skin that resists fungal spores.

If that is not enough, there are over-the-counter remedies for skin fungus, e.g. Salvequick Foot Resque.

If left untreated, the skin fungus can begin to spread and eventually reach the nails. Then it is immediately more difficult to cure. Here is a picture of what it can look like between the toes. Usually between the little toe and the next.

biocool fot care och fot och handsalva

Another form of skin fungus that is easy to miss is the moccasin fungus. Here the feet only feel dry and cracked, often with a red stripe around the sole of the foot = moccasin. This form is common among the elderly when you have had athlete's foot for a long time and does not usually cause itching so it is easy to miss.

BioCool Fotbad is an effective treatment for skin fungus and warts. An ointment that is popular with dry feet is Fot & Handsalva Special.

Because skin fungus is easy to confuse with eczema and psoriasis, there are new self-tests to buy for suspected skin fungus. We sell self-tests from Dynamic Code 

/ Veronica Höglund, medical podiatrist.

“I have tried lots of different ointments from the pharmacy, foot care, etc. that have not helped me. Now, finally after trying this new ointment, I have been helped. The heel has been full of deep cracks, calluses and the skin has flaked. Now I can finally walk in open shoes without being ashamed and not in pain anymore. I also use Nåva Nagelgel on my big toe nail, the foot is nice again - just so wonderful. ”


“For several years I have had problems with dry and cracked fingertips. I have tried a number of different hand ointments without results. During a visit to Carola at the New Foot Care Clinic, I told about my problems and showed my fingers. She then recommended her own Fot & Handsalva Special. It must be pure Miracle Ointment as my hands and fingertips healed completely in less than a week. ”


“I was in great need of getting my feet in order. The feet were dry, rough and the toenails were thick and yellow. I have had to test a lot but nothing had a long lasting effect on me. A couple of months ago I had to start testing Fot & Handsalva Special. It has shown very good results on my feet, I use it morning and evening also on the nails. My feet are much softer and finer and even my nails have gotten better. ”



“Miracle ointment for my dry feet, gives results immediately. Finally something that helps, I have tried a lot before - Fot & Handsalva Special is by far the best! ”



Treat nail fungus 3 Steps

Nagelolja Special

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Nail Fungus Treatment

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Treat nail fungus 3 Steps

Nåva Nagelgel against nail fungus

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