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Pregnant? Can I use Nåva Nagel Creme, Nagelolja, Bio-Cool or Fot & Handsalva during pregnancy?

Yes, no problem, there are no contraindications.

How do I know for sure that I have nail / skin fungus?

The safest way is to do a DNA test. You can do this with a self-test. Common symptoms are otherwise:
Itching of the skin - red blotch or red dots, or white and damp between the toes.
Even dry itchy - cracked skin that does not get better despite lubrication. Yellow nails often begin as a yellow stripe on the edge of the nail.

What do I do if I find that it is no longer healing?

Sometimes you need to change preparations. For example from Nail oil to Nåva or Nagelbalm Special.
It is a long treatment process so it is advantageous to switch between these.

How do I optimize the treatment?

Try to think systems. Wash socks in Safe Wash detergentthat kills spores or wash in water at 90 degrees.
If wearing open toe shoes,, spray with EkoDes Smart desinfektion daily.
Wipe dry, preferably with paper, between the toes when showering. Lubricate your feet with Fot & Handsalva special or Salvequick Foot Rescue. Switch nail products.
Always use slippers in public showers.

How long should I continue treatment?

- Until completely healthy nail has grown out, then prevent with Nagelolja Specialor Fot & Handsalva special
- Until the skin is elastic again and absolutely does not itch or is red / white porous between the toes. Fot & Handsalva Special

Is it dangerous to use the products if it is not a fungus, for example psoriasis?

No, they are absolutely superb as "lubricators"

After Sun?

Fot & Handsalva Special contains a lot of Aloe Vera, which means that it is great for after sun or on dry itchy sun / winter lips.

Do the products collide?

No, you can, for example, apply the Nail Oil first on the nail and then Fot & Handsalva Special down between the toes and up over the nail and beyond the entire foot.