Tips & info vid behandling av infekterade naglar

Nåva Nagelgel and Nagelbalm Special

Treat your nails 2 times / day for a couple of months with Nåva Nagelgel. Individually depending on the size of the infection. After 1-2 tubes Nåva Nagelgel it can be good if you go over to Nagelbalm Special.

These remedies can possibly loosen up the diseased part of the nail which is good. If the healing stops, it may be a good idea to switch preparations between the two.

It is good to "take the infection from several directions"

Sometimes the diseased part of the nail comes off, which is only an advantage because it contains a lot of fungal spores.

When the cream and nail balm have taken effect and the nail looks healthier in the nail root, it's time for Nagelolja Special. The oil stimulates and strengthens new nails. Nagelolja Special also contains fungicides.

The oil may cause a temporary discoloration. On the other hand, it does not discolour on healthy nails where it then appears bleaching. Use the oil generously, it is also good for the skin around the nail.

Nagelolja special 10ml

Nagelolja Eterisk can be used when the infection is over. 

It is bleaching, strengthening and gives fast-growing glossy nails. Whole strong oiled nails do not get re-infection as easily.

This oil is also good for brittle discolored nails on hands and feet.

Contains as much as 5% essential oils of the best quality for good effect and a wonderful citrus scent. An oil for everyone.

Both Nagelolja Special and Nagelolja Eterisk contain Lemon Myrtle which is 5 times more antiseptic than Tea tree.

Nagelolja eterisk 30 ml

It is best if you always treat the skin in parallel when a skin infection is suspected. For example, BioCool, preferably in combination with Foot & Hand Ointment Special.

BioCool Fotbad against skin fungus is also good.

Ekodes Smart desinfektion used with advantage on both the skin in shoes and the shower to minimize spores.

The treatment gets better results when combining foot care with grinding of a thick nail.

Fot & Handsalva Special and also Ringblom Special is great if you want to maintain the skin so that it becomes whole and healthy

Det är viktigt att du alltid parallellt behandlar huden vid misstanke om nagelsvampsinfektion.

Bio cool Fotbad är ett bra komplement.

Feel free to photograph and document the growth and results you get from using your products.