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I am a medical podiatrist and have been running my own foot care clinic in Sweden Huskvarna since 2005. In parallel with my clinic, I run, an online shop with specially selected foot care products.
There are great benefits in combining the role of a medical therapist with that of a specialized online store:
  • As a podiatrist, I work daily with the products, which gives me practical and first hand experience and knowledge of how they are best put to use. 
  • I have close contact with several suppliers and sometimes collaborate with them in product development, which gives me a keen understanding of the product range. 
  • With the addition of the online shop, I can now also help you with treatment recommendations and advice regardless of your location.

Veronica Höglund
Medical Podiatrist

Veronicas Fotshop AB

Stockmakaregatan 3 A
561 31 Huskvarna

Tel. 070 665 88 50 559162-7855

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