Smell well med skor
lila smell well med paketering

Freshener Inserts for shoes and bags

3 in 1 solution

vatten ikon

Absorbs moisture

Prevents the growth of bacteria by effectively absorbing moisture.

odör ikon

Removes odor

Eliminates the problem of bad odor.

fresh scent

Leaves a fresh scent

Leaves a fresh, long-lasting scent 

SmellWell Active

SmellWell post offers a natural and unique 3-in-1 solution that effectively absorbs moisture, removes odors and leaves a long-lasting fresh scent. Just put them in and experience a big difference!

Unlike most odor-hiding products on the market, SmellWell goes to the source of the problem by effectively absorbing moisture. No moisture, no bacteria, no odor.

  • Absorbs moisture and removes bad odors. 
  • Keep your shoes, bags and purses naturally fresh.
  • Small, practical and efficient.
  •  Contains a blend of Moso bamboo and natural minerals.

  • The outer casing is made of recycled microfiber and colored with environmentally friendly ink.
  • REACH certified for safety and environment. 100% non-toxic.
  • Swedish innovation.
  • Lasts up to 6 months.

SmellWell works in all types of shoes and bags. Leave them in your shoes when you are not using them. Fresh shoes and happy feet.

Smell well påsar mot lila tegel

How to use  SmellWell Active

Hur man använder smell well

How to keep your sneakers fresh SmellWell

Leave SmellWell in your sneakers overnight. SmellWell absorbs moisture, effectively removes odors and leaves a new scent. In severe cases, it may take a couple of days before full effect is achieved. Lasts up to 6 months.